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Hello, I'm Erica


Have you ever been in a place, smelled a scent or saw a photo that took you back in time? I will never forget when I first fell in love with capturing time. It started during summers with my grandparents. My grandmother would open her photo albums and together we would walk through her childhood memories. We never left the room, but I traveled to decades and moments that happened much earlier than my existence. I witnessed the feelings that came over her as she expressed every moment! Her smile was something I desired to replicate and my passion for capturing memories was instantly sparked. I never imagined that experience would thrust me into the joy of photography that I have today. I strive to provide timeless, professional experiences that will last you a lifetime!


Wife. Mother. Friend.  


I am Erica and I love people. A very known fact about me is that I love to help others! My goal is to inspire you to be the best version of yourself, always striving for better. What better way to express yourself than with a photograph! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, right? I know some say it all the time-but seriously, I never had a choice.

I grew up in a tiny town called New Bern, North Carolina. It’s a place where everyone knew one another and was filled with a lot of love and great food.  Life was much slower there, but after relocating to the fast-paced city of Washington DC, my love to meet new people became fonder. I studied at the Art Institute of Washington for a few years and majored in Web Design. However, God had different plans for my life. Life has changed for me over the years, but my values still remain the same -Love God & and Love His People.


If I am not capturing memories through my lens, I am doing one of the following:


Spending time with my husband & daughter

Solidifying my role as the best aunt ever

Aggravating my sister (hehe)

Volunteering with my church family

Enjoying life’s surprises each day at a time.

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